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Me and You and Everyone We Know by Thomas
November 21, 2011, 2:14 am
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An amusingly weird comedy about alienation in Los Angeles.  The characters inhabit a world that resembles that of Ghost World or Magnolia, but with a little more silliness.  Director Miranda July also stars as a quirky artist who seeks love through her own personal, playful language — kind of like an anglicized Amélie.  If you like her character, you’ll like the movie (just as the beauty of Amélie depends on the irresistible charm of Audrey Tautou.)  Worth Watching.

Me and You and Everyone We Know


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I’ve never even heard of this movie. But it does have one of the actors from Deadwood, which in and of itself isn’t a bad thing, I just might not be able to disassociate him from that totally mediocre show.

Comment by tincolor

This movie is a lot like Amélie. Wait no, it’s a lot like what Amélie would be, if Amélie were a movie as godawful as this movie is. It reminds me most of Storytelling, because it shares with that movie the tendency to think that if you can’t say anything important or insightful, you might as well just put a bunch of depravity in your film so that people will assume it’s art. Barely Watchable.

Comment by William

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