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Ed Wood by Thomas
November 26, 2011, 5:22 pm
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Tim Burton’s deliciously goofy biopic of a terrible film director.  Johnny Depp shines in the title role, with a kind of impossible energy.  Populated with an irrepressible supporting cast of freaks, this is a tribute to Hollywood weirdos in the golden age of camp.  Filming the movie in black and white allowed Burton to evoke classic horror as well as stylish film noir lighting in various out of control ways.  I really can’t believe how amazing this movie is!  Required viewing.

Ed Wood


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It’s been ten years so my memory’s hazy, but I know I loved this movie. Part of why I liked Rango was that Johnny Depp’s wacky performance reminded me of how much I enjoyed his portrayal of Ed Wood.

Comment by William

Yes, I see the similarity. Once or twice during Ed Wood I definitely thought about how much I loved Rango!

Comment by Thomas

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