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Scott Walker: 30th Century Man by jaemskeray
February 16, 2012, 10:27 pm
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In this documentary, Scott Walker’s genius is revealed!  Taking place during the recording of his amazing 2006 studio album the Drift, this documentary goes over Walker’s entire career from the early days with the Walker Brothers, to his current avant garde work.  Many famous musicians and bands are interviewed about his influence on their music.  There is one scene during recording where Walker is directing a percussionist on how he wants him to specifically punch a piece of meat.  Strange, but when you listen to the album you’re like, “that’s some good meat punching.”   Worth Checking Out


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I would also question whether this is an interesting movie to anyone that doesn’t already like Scott Walker. Also, I just didn’t buy the entire second half of the movie, about how he is some tortured genius on the verge or redefining music. Drift is one of the most dense and unlistenable albums I’ve ever heard. Perhaps Scott Walker had some specific goal he was trying to achieve with that album, but this movie is not going to give you any clues about what that goal was. I’d only give this a watchable, even for fans.

Comment by tincolor

I didn’t know who Scott Walker was when I watched this movie. I will admit, the Drift is dense and not for most people. Most of his early fans probably didn’t follow him when he started going all avant garde. I stand by my “worth checking out” rating however, as defined by your own definition of the rating: “A reason you might watch a Worth Checking Out movie is because you find the genre interesting” If you like music documentaries, this one is about a very interesting musician. yer just jaded.

Comment by jaemskeray

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