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Alien vs. Predator (AVP) by jaemskeray
March 25, 2012, 4:16 am
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Way to revive two franchises at once, AVP!  AVP is the MVP of both of franchises.  Well, maybe not the MVP, more like the MIP, most IMPROVED player… and its WNBA, not NBA.  Ir-regard / regardless (but never “irregardless”), it may not be (is definitely not be) the best of the bunch. But it does provide nourishment to those hungry for more aliens and/or predators.  A team of archeologists find an Egyptian pyramid under-ice whilst in the Antarctic.  Within the pyramid, Predators hunt Aliens as a rite of passage sorta thing, and the archeologists are stuck in the middle.  Movie is kinda (exactly) like Alien meets Predator meets ensemble action movie with no one famous and they all get picked off one by one until only the pretty girl and the attractive guy are left, oops.  Watchable.


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James, James, you give this crap a watchable but X-3 an unwatchable? Where are your standards man! The ONLY reason I can imagine watching this movie is when the girl and the predator have a quasi-romantic moment at the end.

Comment by tincolor

a fair point, Tom. But hear me out first. Just compare the casts of both movies. X-3 has the A listers where as this movie has no one. So you know right there what to expect. But with X-3, you just get let the f down. Then the anger comes…

Comment by jaemskeray

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