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Kiki’s Delivery Service by Thomas
June 6, 2012, 10:43 pm
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A young witch masters the art of flying while delivering baked goods. Phil Hartman plays her wisecracking cat.  It’s an early Studio Ghibli flick with all the standard ingredients: beautiful landscapes, supernatural plot, meandering jazzy soundtrack…but, for all its charms, there’s hardly any conflict.  I’m just as interested in freshly baked treats as the next guy — even so, it’s hard to care whether she delivers them successfully or not.  Watchable.

Kiki’s Delivery Service


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Yeah for some reason almost all Japanese cartoons leave me feeling apathetic, even the ones that do have proper stories.

Comment by William

This has consistently been one of my favorite Ghibli movies! I’m surprised you didn’t like it. You should check out Castle in the Sky if you haven’t already.

Comment by tincolor

I think this is a question of context; I saw “Kiki’s Delivery Service” with a bunch of folks and we were all chatting and joking around, which made it hard to get absorbed into the film. When I saw “Howl’s Moving Castle” it was at a special screening at the art museum, where I had to pay 9 bucks. So my theory is that I actually enjoyed both movies more or less equally. I also saw most of “Ponyo,” the one about the fish (plural) that turn into a girl — did you see that one?

Comment by Thomas

Nah, I didn’t see ponyo. It didn’t look very interesting from what I saw in the trailer but I guess I’ll get around to it eventually.

Comment by tincolor

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