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Moonrise Kingdom by William
July 8, 2012, 1:15 pm
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A boy and a girl are in love  and decide to run away together. Like The Royal Tenenbaums, this movie is full of Wes Anderson’s usual meticulous care in building scenes. But unlike that earlier work, I felt like the director got so carried away in trying to make the movie visually interesting and intricate that he forgot to make the main characters interesting. Partially it is because the main characters are child actors, and you can only take so much of Wes Anderson’s dialogue coming out of children’s mouths. Overall, this movie feels a lot like one of Max Fischer’s plays from Rushmore, turned into a movie. Barely watchable.


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That’s too bad. I was really looking forward to this.

Comment by tincolor

Yes, your results may vary. It seems to me that the common factor in movies that I don’t like is that I just don’t feel anything about the story or the characters. I’m not sure there is anything wrong with this movie fundamentally, but I just felt nothing about it and was bored. I would say however you felt about The Life Aquatic, you will feel the same about this movie.

Comment by William

I agree it was not as emotionally exhausting to watch as say the Darjeeling Limited or the Royal Tenenbaums, however, I liked it precisely because it was more light hearted. Sometimes after watching a wes anderson film I just feel so freaking depressed. But not this one! Hurray!

Comment by jaemskeray

Yeah, gotta agree w/ Bill’s analysis. The movie was cool looking, but the story was just so choreographed. In fact, I was so little moved that I won’t bother writing a separate review! If I did, I’d give it a Watchable, though. But maybe that’s because I went in with lowered expectations…

Comment by Thomas

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