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Babies by Thomas
October 16, 2012, 12:29 am
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Yup. Babies. They exist. This documentary follows four such: two first world babies (US, Japan) contrast with two developing world babies (Nigeria, and Mongolia). There’s no message or narrative, just some astoundingly cute babies.  I felt weird watching this while cleaning and folding laundry, because these activities are only slightly more demanding then a baby’s daily regimen of simply hanging around. Oh, also this movie is FULL of boobs. If your goal is to start thinking about mammary glands in a non-sexual way, this is the movie to watch I guess.  Worth checking out.



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Yeah I saw this one a while back, it was good. I did get a bit of a message to the effect that first-world babies are overprotected and over-whatevered, but right, there’s no voice-over or obvious story so mostly it’s just about watching some cute babies.

Comment by William

Yeah, good stuff. They do have a bit fun; at one point the US baby goes to some kind of spiritual sing-song class, where the instructor chants: “the earth is our mother!” Then they cut to the Mongolian baby, who has an arguably much closer relationship to “the earth”…

Also I thought it was funny when they showed the US parents putting their baby into one of those bike carriages and biking on a busy street…which seems super dangerous!

Comment by Thomas

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