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Tesis (Thesis) by William
February 8, 2013, 4:13 am
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A film student in Madrid stumbles upon what appears to be a snuff film, and it becomes her obsession. If you were unfortunate enough to see 8mm, I will let you know that this movie is better. Also, here’s a fun fact the director clearly wants you to consider: the conditions amenable for a potential murder as the same as those for a potential amorous encounter. The level of depravity in this movie annoyed me at first, but as a thriller it works pretty well, even if a lot of the tension could be avoided if the protagonist were not a complete moron. Worth checking out.



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I have seen this one! It was during the phase when I would just randomly watch whatever was at Potomac Video. (For a while there, you could rent 5 movies for 5 bucks for 7 days — while it’s not as cheap as downloading things on the internet, I still think that was a great deal) Anyway, an enjoyable movie.

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