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Tokyo Story by Thomas
April 12, 2013, 4:19 am
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This is a moving portrayal of family life, probably Ozu’s most famous work. But calling it a “story” might be overstating the case a bit: Basically two empty nest parents visit their offspring in the suburbs of Tokyo.  Sure, other significant stuff happens….but keeping the plot simple calls our attention to the subtle range of characters’ feelings.  Worth watching.


Tokyo Story

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This has always been a hard movie for me to assess. Because as good as it is at depicting the family dynamics, it suffers from being pretty damn boring. A similar director I really like is mikio naruse. He takes ozu type stories and spices them up with his own brand of melodrama. Definitely check him out. “Yearning” and “when a woman ascends the stairs” are pretty good.

Comment by tincolor

Naruse, eh? I will check him out. I have been really into Ozu lately, so I’m glad to hear that there are other Ozu-like filmmakers out there.

Also, I don’t know why I *don’t* think that Ozu movies are boring…I mean, I’m reasonable. I know nothing is happening for 2+ hours. They SHOULD be boring. But somehow I like them — probably because they look cool even 70 years after they were made. But there’s also something about his interest in the “quiet desperation” of daily life…I just think it’s so unique and interesting for that kind of ordinary feeling to be the whole focus of a movie.

Comment by Thomas

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