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Upstream Color by jaemskeray
August 6, 2013, 5:03 am
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Shane Carruth’s sophomore effort film is a cross between Memento, Mulholland Drive and a third even more confusing movie than those two.  Its about two people who seem to both have had the same thing happen to them: they were hypnotized by a robber who makes them sign their life savings and possessions over to them.  Thats the only thing I really understood, theres a whole thing with pigs and a sound designer / farmer?  There is no way you will possibly understand whats going on in this movie unless you look it up online afterwards, but its compelling.  I think its about “identity”?  Shane Carruth is kind of a genius though.  Worth Checking Out



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I was just about to review this! Yeah, I think you described the experience of watching the movie perfectly. I also watched Primer, which I guess I’ll review now. The only explanations of UC movie I read were pretty vague, did you find one that was pretty descriptive?

Comment by tincolor

Thanks! That makes sense, but at the same time it was just kind of describing the movie in a way that I already kind of understood it. I guess I thought there might be something more to it.

Comment by tincolor

Also yeah, Carruth may be a genius, it’s not clear tough.

Comment by tincolor

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