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Cloud Atlas by William
September 1, 2013, 3:37 pm
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Six stories dispersed in time and space intercut with each other. Do they have some connection? Probably, but it’s not obvious. Perhaps there’s a serious and profound idea contained herein, but I decided not to hurt my head too much over that possibility. It was a good decision, and overall I enjoyed the experience of watching the movie, in contrast to some of my fellow critics. I can see how many people would hate this movie. The writers imply a kind of coherence that isn’t really there, giving the whole thing an air of annoying self-importance. And yes, constantly seeing the same famous actors in weird make-up is distracting. Even so, I enjoyed the experience enough to call it Worth Checking Out.

Incidentally, I had read the book some time ago and found it only okay.

Cloud Atlas Poster.jpg


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OK so you prefer the movie to the book. A rarity.
Atleast that’s what I felt.

Comment by nuwansenfilmsen

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