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This is the End by jaemskeray
November 11, 2013, 6:43 am
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All of the people in this movie play themselves, which is just so cool.  Seth Rogan and his friend from Undeclared go to a rager at James Franco’s house.  cool.  Tons of famous super cool people are there.  I mean, heck, Rihana is there.  They all stand around singing, which is just so cool because you know Rihana is a singer.  Michael Cera gets 2 girls to suck his super cool dick in the bathroom.  It was so cool that at this point I just had to turn it off.

Look, its great that these people hang out together at parties in real life.  I assume that they would, just as a I assume a bunch of employees who all work at the same Foot Locker probably hang out together.  But I don’t want to watch a film of those people hanging out at a party, I don’t think that would be interesting to watch.  I’m sure it was about to get funny when the end of the world came, but it couldn’t come fast enough for me!  Unwatchable



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