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The Wolf of Wall Street by Thomas

Oscar Fever 2014 continues! Leonardo DiCaprio is an unscrupulous self-made trillionaire who builds a brokerage firm selling worthless stocks.  In three hours of screen time, he and his random friends (who completely steal the show) also do a LOT of drugs and sleep with a LOT of women.  The FBI catches on, but we don’t see much of their investigation — instead we just get more outrageous hijinks! This causes domestic conflict between Leo and his forgettable wife, along the lines of the Robert DeNiro/Sharon Stone scenes in Scorsese’s Casino but much less compelling.  That said, Jonah Hill is a hilarious sidekick.  There’s a scene involving Quaaludes that makes it all worthwhile.  I say: Worth checking out.


The Wolf of Wall Street


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I guess it should be ALOT of drugs and MANY women…but I’ll let it stand. You get the idea!

Comment by Thomas

I’m feeling you! I enjoyed it all the way through.

Comment by tincolor

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