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French Kiss by William
March 8, 2014, 9:06 am
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Meg Ryan’s gotta go to France to win back her fiancé, and she’s gonna need help from the thieving Frenchman Kevin Kline. The movie succeeds based entirely on the charisma of its two stars, who are funny and playful and work well together. Thomas’s review of this movie is something of an enigma, first calling it a “gem” before declaring it merely “watchable.” So again with the caveat that you should be looking to watch a romantic comedy before diving in, I’ll say this one is definitely Worth Watching.

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Did I only call it “Watchable”? Well, I remember I was watching it with someone who was not suspending their disbelief. Which makes you think the whole thing is silly. But, if you can get into the right mood, I believe this movie is at least “Worth Checking Out”…a strong contender for best romantic comedy of the 90’s!

Comment by Thomas

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