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Pandora’s Promise by jaemskeray
April 7, 2014, 4:49 am
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The documentary about nuclear power says that back in the 70s and 80s the oil and coal companies saw nuclear as a threat.  So, they said it as unsafe (which it is if it is not handled properly); and promoted wind and solar as safe and clean alternatives.  The way they did this was through posing as environmentalists or clean energy companies.  They did this was because they knew a fact that many people still don’t know, that solar and wind power, although clean, cannot give us enough energy because they are fickle energy sources dependent on the weather.   They knew that every time you set up a solar or wind power plant to run a city, something has to power that city when there is no sunlight or wind.  And if its not nuclear, then its oil and coal.  So, just think about that: the expansion or solar and wind plants actually means the expansion of oil and coal.   Screw the oil and coal companies for playing the American citizens and screw them for causing the global warming that will inevitably kill us all for their petty greed.  Not only do I think its a required viewing but I feel that we should research this further, and possibly invest in and support nuclear power.  Required Viewing.

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