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Food, Inc. by jaemskeray
April 12, 2014, 4:21 am
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Food, Inc. is a documentary from Robert Kenner about how we get our food in the US.  The film shows that the corporate industrialization of our food manufacturing is a) bad for the environment, b) unhealthy for and exploiting the consumers, c) dangerous, unhealthy and abusive to the employees, and d) torturous to the animals we kill and eat.  But now that we have this information, 5 years after the movie came out, whats the fucking point?  The movie says we can vote with our grocery list and choose organic!   But, even the organic companies are having to adopt big industrial farms practices just to keep up with the industrial farms (Vegucated).  We could all become vegans, but thats literally not going to happen, not that I am not going to become vegan, maybe I will, but everyone isn’t going to become vegan.  Then, there’s the close relation between the corporate food companies and our politicians, the lack of education on proper nutrition, the economy making it hard for poor people to make healthy choices, and technology drawing the more fortunate away from a public discourse and into the comfort of our homes in front of our devices to write blog posts about the world’s injustices that do little but make ourselves feel better: shit.  So, what do you think? Worth Watching

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