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Mr. Nobody by jaemskeray
April 12, 2014, 5:03 am
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More like Mr. Nobody should watch this movie, ayo!  So, Jarred Leto is an old guy, and he cant die in his flashbacks in the past, but he can die when he’s old in the future.  In the sci fi future, when Jarred is old, humans figured out how to not die.  But somehow Jarred is the only person who CAN die, which is strange because he keeps having flashbacks to when he is younger and when he can’t die.  Like he keeps on getting into terrible accidents and not dying.  His character is obviously a moron, because he keeps on putting himself in these perilous situations where, by all accounts, he should be a dead man.  But, not only does he somehow keep living, but in his flashbacks he keeps switching between 3 different timelines, 3 alternate lives where he has 3 different hot wives.  So he’s just this stupid lucky moron.  And this is all done in a manner that is very frustrating to watch because you don’t care about any of the characters, there’s just nothing to hold onto in this movie.  Anyway, yeah, there are other bad parts, poor acting, terrible accents, I could go on.  It reminded me of Atlas Cloud, which I hated.   Unwatchable

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