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Magic Mike by tincolor
June 18, 2014, 1:51 am
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Two Steven Soderbergh movies starring Channing Tatum reviewed in one day!?! Well, truth be told, Channing “Magic Mike” Tatum isn’t nearly as entertaining as Channing “Side Effects” Tatum. The elements of an entertaining movie are all there: Steven Soderbergh, Matthew McConaughey, a love triangle, male strippers, rags-to-riches story, and even some drug gangs to boot. Soderbergh’s direction is fine and McConaughey does a decent job delivering the only kind of performance he seems capable of delivering as of recent, you know, his “I’m snorting crazy cocaine like a mad dog” performance. On the down side, the love story isn’t believable, the male stripping is only s0-so, and the rags-to-riches story doesn’t do anything new or particularly interesting. So there you go. Watchable.



Side Effects by tincolor

Jude Law is a psychologist who is treating Rooney Mara, who is depressed because her husband Channing Tatum just got out of a short stint in jail for insider trading. Jude Law gives Rooney Mara some drugs and then things go wrong for just about everyone involved. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this, especially when the first 40 minutes plays like an indictment of pharmaceutical companies, but without ruining anything, let’s just say that the true genre of this film isn’t apparent until the second half. I’d say more, but a lot of my enjoyment came from not knowing anything about it. Plus, it’s Soderbergh, so how can you go wrong? Worth checking out.


Saturday Night Fever by William
June 12, 2014, 5:59 pm
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John Travolta is a working-class fella from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn who feels most alive when he’s out dancing at the club on Saturday night. His character appropriately has a Rocky poster in his bedroom; like that film, Saturday Night Fever is mostly about depicting the mundanity and limitations of a working-class life. There is a big dance competition in Saturday Night Fever, but just like the big boxing match in Rocky, to say the story is not sharply focused on John Travolta’s preparation for the competition is an understatement. A more complicated and more interesting film than you might expect. Worth Checking Out.

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The Young Girls of Rochefort / Les Demoiselles de Rochefort by tincolor

Catherine Deneuve and Francoise Dorléac are sisters (in real life, too), desperate to get out of picturesque Rochefort, a port town in France were everyone is lovesick, but no one ends up alone as long as you sing and dance for 90 minutes. If you’re familiar with Jacques Demy then you know that in his films everyone and everything is beautiful and no problem is so great that it detracts from enjoying life to the fullest. A fantastic soundtrack by Michel Legrand, fairy tale-esque cinematography by Ghislain Cloquet and foppish consumes that only work because this is a Demy film! Worth watching for fans of musicals and anyone interested in 1960s European pop culture.


The House of the Devil by tincolor


Jocelin Donahue is a college co-ed desperately in need of cash for a downpayment on her new apartment. So when she’s offered a high-paying babysitting job from creepy Tom Noonan and his equally creepy wife, the choice is obvious: order a pizza, break some shit in the house and start opening doors you shouldn’t be opening. I’m not a huge horror fan, but I like my fair share of scares, and man did this movie scare me. Buckle in for 45 minutes of slow-burning buildup followed by a finale that manages to be gruesome without going off the rails. Bonus: It looks like John Carpenter’s long lost companion piece to Halloween. Worth checking out for horror fans.


The Beautiful Person / La Belle Personne by tincolor
June 11, 2014, 4:31 am
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Lea Seydoux is the beautiful person in this film about (high-school?) students, their messy love triangles, and the teachers that want to sleep with them. The film’s muted and melancholy look, its well timed use of Nick Drake songs and its incessantly brooding characters might have you convinced that this is a deep and insightful drama about the pain of young love. But don’t be fooled, each of its seemingly complex characters soon reveal themselves to be nothing more than attractively mousy automata, capable of movement only in predetermined patterns. It’s like some mad scientist threw them all together in an Lord-of-the-Flies-type experiment to see who would come out least depressed. Watchable, but nothing special.


WR: The Mysteries of the Organism / W.R. – Мистерије организма by tincolor




I’m really not sure how to even describe this movie. It’s half documentary, half narrative and all crazy. Wikipedia says that in this film, director Dušan Makavejev “…explores the relationship between communist politics and sexuality, as well as exploring the life and work of Wilhelm Reich.” So there’s THAT! I’m not sure if this movie was actually enjoyable, but it did remind on some vague way of The Book of Laughter and Forgetting by Milan Kundera, if you’re into that. If you’re currently enrolled in film school, this movie is worth checking out, but otherwise, I’d say it’s barely watchable.


We Need to Talk About Kevin by William
June 9, 2014, 4:58 pm
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No we don’t. Unwatchable!

We need to talk about kevin ver2.jpg

PS. Tom disagrees. Myself, I watched 45 minutes and it was too many.

I Am Curious: Yellow by tincolor
June 9, 2014, 8:19 am
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Are you curious? Are you yellow? The first in a two part film about director Vilgot Sjoman and the film he is making. There’s so much that’s clever about I Am Curious: Yellow, but what kept me watching through to the end was the way the lead actress convincingly plays both her framed narrative character and her film-within-a-film character. It’s quite disorienting when you get invested in two completely different characters that are played by the same actress. But clever doesn’t do this film justice. Without being able to really explain why, I found the entire two hours irresistibly engrossing. Worth checking out if you’re in for a cerebral film with subtitles.

(I haven’t seen the companion film, I Am Curious: Blue, but I have to say, I am…intrigued.)


Brave by William
June 8, 2014, 3:35 pm
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An animated Scottish princess has to… um… well, actually I’m not sure what she has to do. But she’s definitely brave! This movie does a really terrible job of telling us what it’s about or why we should care. It’s not funny, it doesn’t have good songs, and the plot, as I mentioned, is just one thing happening after another, without any real coherence or logic. If you want to watch an animated movie, pretty much all of them are better than this one. Barely watchable.

A girl with long, curly red hair stares at the viewer holding a bow and an arrow. Behind her is the film's title while at the left shows a bear staring at her.

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