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Forrest Gump by William
June 3, 2014, 11:44 am
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We follow Tom Hanks as a low-IQ man with a heart of gold as he goes on a whirlwind tour of late-20th century American history. This movie was a nationwide phenomenon upon release; it won six Oscars (including Best Picture and Best Actor) and was endlessly quoted (“Run, Forrest, Run!”).  I am pleased to report that twenty years later, this movie retains its value, thanks largely to Tom Hanks’ relentless, irresistible charm. Sure, you could criticize this movie for being a bit too sweet and fantastical, but why would you want to be such a stick-in-the-mud? I’ll give it a high Worth Watching.

Film poster with an all-white background, and a park bench (facing away from the viewer) near the bottom. A man wearing a white suit is sitting on the right side of the bench and is looking to his left while resting his hands on both sides of him on the bench. A suitcase is sitting on the ground, and the man is wearing tennis shoes. At the top left of the image is the film's tagline and title, and at the bottom is the release date and production credits.

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