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Noah by Thomas

Russel Crowe is Noah: titular character, biblical bad ass, strict vegetarian. In this bizarre interpretation of the Genesis story, Noah must solicit the help of rock monsters to build his famous Ark.  His goal apparently is to save the animals but exterminate humanity, including his own grandchildren.  Well, Darren Aronofsky has a penchant for odd, visually impressive movies, so I suppose this met my expectations.  Watchable.



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huh, just watchable ay? Good to know cause this was high on my list of what to watch next. Is it at least well written or is it just bad? Like, if you like the genre, will you be able to get into it?

Comment by jaemskeray

Well, I do like Darren Aronofsky a lot. It’s pretty unbelievable that someone who creates an atmosphere of confusion and anxiety in his movies can make it big in Hollywood! So I was curious what he would do with the whole “epic biblical movie” genre.

Unfortunately I thought it was just nonsense. I mean, if you really like Russel Crowe being crazy, then you might like it. Emma Watson also goes off the rails, which is interesting because I guess I haven’t seen anything where she seemed to try very hard. Over all I went with “watchable” — rather than a lower rating — because the movie is sort of amusingly bizarre.

Comment by Thomas

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