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The Odessa File by tincolor
July 29, 2014, 1:46 am
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John Voight is a reporter living in Hamburg who, when he comes across the diary of a recently deceased Jewish man, makes the decision to search for the man’s former torturer, a sadistic SS officer who escaped capture after the war. Despite its many faults, there is so much I really like about this movie. I like the moody European atmosphere, I like how the plot is kept tight and believable even though its about a secret international Nazi organization plotting to take over the world, and I like how John Voight’s adventure across Germany is laid out in painstaking detail. His every move, his every discovery is there on the screen presented in what sometimes feels like realtime. It all comes together to give an impression of realism that I often find lacking in spy/thriller movies. Worth watching! P.S. When John Voight gets old-man makeup in the second half of the movie, it’s amazing how much he looks like himself today; that’s good makeup!

P.P.S Directed by Ronald Neame, who also directed one of my other favorite spy movies, Hopscotch.


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Thanks. A very gripping film as you say. Regards Thom.

Comment by Thom Hickey

Thanks for the comment! If you haven’t seen it, definitely check out Hopscotch. It’s also a spy thriller set in the cold war era but with a pretty unique blend of comedy.

Comment by tincolor

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