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The Big Chill by tincolor

If you’re like me, you knew the soundtrack to this film long before you actually saw the film. It’s just so good! Tom Berenger, Glenn Close, Jeff Goldblum, William Hurt, Kevin Kline and the oh-so attractive Meg Tilly star in this film about a group of friends who spend a weekend together after the funeral of their friend Kevin Costner (who doesn’t appear in the film). For someone like me who didn’t experience the 60s, it’s a little hard to really relate with the disconnect these characters feel between their free-loving selves of the past and their bourgeois selves of the present, but the solid Motown soundtrack and the more universal themes of finding purpose in life, growing older and maintaining your values, still ring true today. Worth watching.


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Great movie! I used to watch this a bunch in high school, mostly because they would always play it on Starz or whatever. Plus I liked the music and I probably had a vague sense that sex and drugs were going on — though of course it’s not a raunchy film by any means.

It’s so odd for me to watch it now because I’ve aged into the target audience. The themes you mention are so key to the movie that I’m shocked I didn’t understand them as a teenager — but then again, how could I have?

Anyhow, they say that the various body parts visible in the opening montage belong to Kevin Costner — so, in that limited sense, he is in it after all…

Comment by Thomas

The new Criterion version of the film apparently has deleted scenes. I wonder if Kevin Costner is in any of them.

Comment by tincolor

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