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Death Wish by tincolor

Charles Bronson has a death wish, but not the “I wish someone would just kill me” kind of death wish, it’s more like the “I wish I could kill other people with impunity” kind of death wish. Anyway, watching this movie gave me of two reasons to be glad I wasn’t alive in the 70s. First, interior decorating was criminally bad. Second, unless the police caught a criminal in the act, they were apparently shit out of luck. Don’t be fooled, this is no action movie, it’s brooding, dark and surprisingly more interested with the mental state of its protagonist that with exciting chase scenes and shootouts. By no means a terrible movie, but considering the wealth of vigilante movies we have today, pretty forgettable. Watchable.

P.S. Look out for both Jeff Goldblum and Denzel Washington in both of their first on-screen performances!


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I haven’t seen this but I read a book about the development of the “action” genre in which this movie was mentioned a lot. Along with the Dirty Harry franchise, Death Wish was one of the first to take the Western gunfighter hero and put him in an urban context. So what would have been a “police procedural” thriller turns into a new thing. Even though apparently it doesn’t have much actual “action” in it, it’s supposed to be kind of a missing link between genres.

Comment by Thomas

Now that you mention it, there were a lot of cowboy/gunslinger references in the film. What was the name of the book you read?

Comment by tincolor

“Action Speaks Louder” by Eric Lichtenfeld. It’s a solid media studies book and fun to read — humorously thorough. There’s gotta be a whole chapter on “Commando” and some earnest Chuck Norris discussions, for example. I’d say required required reading if you like the products of the Hollywood action industry of the 80’s and 90’s. And you know, a strong worth checking out for others.

Comment by Thomas

I haven’t watched this in forever. I remember Goldblum clearly. But Denzel? What did he play in this?

Comment by J.R. LeMar

He’s only in the movie for a couple of seconds. Here he is on the right.

Comment by tincolor


Comment by J.R. LeMar

Here’s a video clip of that part of the movie, too. Basically Charles Bronson just shoots him.

Comment by tincolor

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