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Stoker by tincolor

Park Chan-wook directs Mia Wasikowska, Mathew Goode and Nicole Kidman in this thriller about dysfunctional and potentially criminally insane relatives that come together after a death in the family. Apparently, the basic premise of this film is very similar to Alfred Hitchcock’s Shadow of a Doubt, which I haven’t seen, but even still, this does feel like it could have been a Hitchcock film if Hitchcock didn’t always demand that the “good guy” triumph in the end or even that there be a “good guy” in the film at all. Creepy, stylish and suspenseful, but in the end, probably not a whole lot going on below the surface. Also, surprisingly not about vampires. Worth checking out.


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I have never heard of this movie, but with that title and poster, its not being about vampires is completely unacceptable.

Comment by William

I know! The director’s reasoning for why he chose “Stoker” as the title is pretty dumb, too. He says he chose it because he wanted to convey that this was about people who stoke. So shouldn’t it be, “Stokers?”

Comment by tincolor

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