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Draft Day by William
August 15, 2014, 12:56 pm
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Kevin Costner is general manager of the Cleveland Browns, and he’s got one day to get his team the players they need to win a championship, all while dealing with personal problems and personnel problems that don’t make his job any easier. It’s a simple and fun movie, “formulaic” in that it adheres to a proven, time-tested formula for making movies. A perfect movie for watching on an airplane, which, not coincidentally, is where I watched it. Watchable.

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You’re on a sports movie streak! I’m waiting for your “Airbud” review.

Comment by tincolor

Seriously, just the other day I was thinking I should watch Air Bud.

Comment by William

My favorite subtitle from the Air Bud franchise has to be, “Seventh Inning Fetch.”

Comment by tincolor

I was trying to figure out which sequel title was my favorite when I discovered that there is an Air Bud spin off series about Air Bud’s puppies. Known as Air Buddies, the puppies have starred in seven movies including “Space Buddies” in which they accidentally get launched into space and “Super Buddies” where they get super powers, thanks to finding magical rings, Green Lantern style.

Comment by Thomas

Also I think my favorite is Air Bud: World Pup

Comment by Thomas

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