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The Intouchables by tincolor
August 18, 2014, 8:28 am
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Despite its ridiculous name and frankly tired and condescending plot, this was an enjoyable movie. In short, a rich white guy with a bad attitude meets a young black immigrant with spark but some serious social issues. 113 minutes later and voila! the two have taught each other a little bit about what it means to live and love. Of course there is a scene where the white guy has to stand up for the black guy, because, well, he’s black and black people of course need white people to stand up for them. And of course there is a scene where the black guy teaches the white guy how to be cool, because, well, he’s white and “stuck up” white people of course need “soulful” black people to help them loosen up. Anyway, despite all of…that, this was pretty enjoyable fluff. Watchable.


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The person who translated that title really needed to try harder.

Comment by William

Nice review. Nobody’s making “Birth of a Nation” anymore, but racial stereotypes are still a huge part of storytelling in movies. I think I remember a scene where the black guy uses violence to force someone to move their car out of the white guy’s driveway…but then later in the movie, once he’s been exposed to white culture, he learns to politely but firmly ask people to move their cars out of the dude’s driveway. WTF?

Also I think it’s interesting that the filmmakers decided to change the dude’s race and make him several shades darker. (The real caregiver is an Arab man from Algeria.) So instead of just a comedy about class differences and friendship across cultures, they wanted to emphasize the guy’s blackness and make it explicitly about race.

Comment by Thomas

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