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Monsoon Wedding by tincolor

Everyone in the family is excited for the wedding of Vasundhara Das and Pravin Dabas, but as this is a movie, expect practically everything that can possibly go to go wrong. Just like the film’s intricate wedding, It’s a minor miracle that this film is able to juggle so much and with such success. It explores multiple themes without feeling unfocused, it manages to make every subplot feel just as important as the main plot, and it gives the kind of weight and depth to its minor characters that is usually only reserved for a single protagonist. And as if that weren’t enough, director Mira Nair is able to take real and specific issues that Indian society faces today and make them feel universal without sacrificing the authenticity of her characters. Excellent direction, a great script and a cast that is able to bring it all together. Shefali Shah, a cousin of the bride is especially fantastic! Required Viewing.


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Wow, interesting…I watched this a couple years ago but I don’t think I could understand what was going on much of the time. I’ll have to give it another try!

Comment by Thomas

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