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Neighboring Sounds / O Som ao Redor by tincolor

There is no good way of describing what this movie is about. On the surface its about the mostly insignificant daily happenings of a group of neighbors in a mostly quiet area of Recife, Brazil. But just below that surface there is something sinister going on that is paradoxically both imperceivable and also somehow weighing on everyone’s conscious. I have no idea what this movie is actually about but a little bit a internet research and some shaky speculation tells me it has something to do with economic disparity. I don’t know…it could be about that…but then again this movie is so cagey about its true intentions. More than anything this film is slow and lacks a traditional narrative structure, so there’s no real ending, no real conflict and no real plot. It’s a pretty film and that fact, along with the hope that at some point everything would come together and make sense (which it didn’t), kept me watching through to the end. It’s hard for me say whether or not I liked this movie so it’s even harder for me to decide how recommendable it is. Based on that solid logic, my rating is this: watch the trailer below and if that doesn’t make you want to see it, just don’t watch it. So there you go, a movie with no real rating. (Pst! In all honestly it’s probably barely watchable but it may be as high as worth checking out, it’s just so hard to decide!)


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