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St. Elmo’s Fire by Thomas
September 6, 2014, 4:49 pm
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This movie gives me a headache.  It looks like a multi-camera sitcom, the dialogue is dumb and humorless, it’s filled with offensive content (Alcohol is OK but other drugs make you crazy? Women kind of like it when you stalk them? The gay stereotypes?) and the plot just revolves around all of these flat characters being in horrible, destructive relationships with each other.  (Mare Winningham pines for Rob Lowe whilst he womanizes, Judd Nelson pressures Ally Sheedy to get married, then rapes her in a scene that’s supposed to be comical…WTF?)  See, The Cable Guy is a satire that *tries* to be dark and disturbing; this is a wholesome coming of age movie that hits the mark unawares.  Barely watchable.


St. Elmo’s Fire

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It is a little fun to see the 80’s design and costumes, especially in the hair band saxophone scene. That’s the only element of this movie that saves it from being straight unwatchable.

Comment by Thomas

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