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Shin Godzilla (2016) by tincolor
September 5, 2016, 9:34 am
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A swath of popular TV actors join forces to fend off Godzilla with Japan’s greatest weapon of all: bureaucracy! What would happen if Godzilla really did attack Japan? How would the government react? How would Twitter react? The first 30 to 45 minutes kicks it off with a realism that you don’t often see in big-budget flicks starring giant monsters. I kept thinking, this is the polar opposite of that steaming pile of goo ID4: Resurgence. But by the half-way point it was painfully clear that the two are actually guilty of the same kind of pandering. “The only way we’re gonna defeat Godzilla/the aliens is if we do it the Japanese/American way – with heart!/heart!” The acting is abysmal all around and Godzilla himself is kind of a mixed bag. At times he’s quite terrifying, but the more I looked at him the goofier he seemed to me. There are some pretty cool scenes, but they don’t make up for how boring and hackneyed the rest of the movie is. Barely watchable.


Quick side note: I found it really obnoxious that the filmmakers seemingly went out of their way to avoid showing the faces of any foreign actors whenever possible. It’s distracting and possibly racist.

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