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The Panic at Needle Park by Thomas
January 12, 2015, 11:18 pm
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In the 70’s, before Manhattan got Disney-fied, the streets belonged to pimps, pushers, and addicts.  Amidst the chaos, a woman falls for a low level heroin dealer  (Al Pacino) and enters a life of desperation and crime, doing anything for her next fix.  But will she cooperate with the hated NYPD?  This is harsh hyper-realism, breaking taboos to the point that it’s painful to watch.  Still, like Taxi Driver and Times Square, it was actually shot on location and so it manages to capture the seedy underbelly of New York, rather than an idealized Hollywood view of the city.  Worth checking out.


The Panic at Needle Park

The Godfather Part II by Thomas
March 4, 2013, 2:18 am
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The Corleone saga continues: Al Pacino, who ascended to the top of the family crime syndicate in the first movie, now broods and expands his power obsessively.  At the same time we get some turn of the century flashbacks with Robert DeNiro as a young version of Pacino’s father, if that makes sense. Meh. Instead of just re-playing the first one, this sequel tries to renovate it, filling the “gaps” with further material, much of which is unnecessary.  Luckily, it does echo the first one often enough that you still feel like you’re watching a good movie.  If you see the first one (which you’re *required* to) and you enjoy it, then hell, you might as well commit another three hours to this one. Worth checking out.


The Godfather Part II

The Godfather by Thomas
March 4, 2013, 1:55 am
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The quintessential mafia movie, an epic story about power and corruption.  It’s a slow, realistic drama, punctuated with a few moments of sudden and brutal violence.  This makes the audience uneasy, which kind of replicates how it would feel to be around people who could eliminate you at the drop of a fedora. Man, what a movie! Required viewing.


The Godfather



Carlito’s Way by tincolor
May 4, 2012, 2:57 am
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Al Pacino is out of prison and he’s reformed! But his past, his pride, and this plot just won’t let him walk the straight and narrow. Brian De Palma, you’ve finally done it! You’ve made a movie that isn’t more bad than it is good. There’s still a lot of De Palma’s funky camera angles to be found here and the voice over narration that pops up throughout the movie is pretty bad, but the film’s two major action scenes are some of the most exciting and suspenseful I’ve ever seen. Worth checking out.

Donnie Brasco by William
Good one. Johnny Depp is a cop who has to infiltrate the mob and then, well, you can probably guess how that develops. Similar to, but not as good as, The Departed. A lot of it is driven by Johnny Depp and Al Pacino just being very compelling personalities, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Worth checking out.

 Donnie Brasco (film) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Godfather by tincolor
Al Pacino and that Brando guy play cops and robbers for a bunch of hours. For a movie that is 40 years old, The Godfather doesn’t particularly feel like it’s 40 years old. But what was most surprising to me was just how young Al Pacino looks. Worth Watching.

Serpico by tincolor

A young and hairy Al Pacino takes on a corrupt NY police department. Dated? A little. Bare bones story? Absolutely. But these things don’t detract from this being a really enjoyable movie. And hey, there’s that scene from Rushmore to look forward to, no nun though ;-( .Worth checking out.

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