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The Grand Budapest Hotel by jaemskeray

Set in a fantastical and dark pre WW2 Europe, this farcical murder mystery is about a hotel concierge, played by Ralph Fiennes, who is accused of murdering his anciently old lover.  The story is told from the perspective of the hotel’s lobby boy, whom Ralph takes a shinning to, and who is along for the whole crazy ride.  It was a bit of a slow burn at the beginning setting everything up, but once it got going, oh man was it amazing.  Visually, its the most beautiful movie I have ever seen, watch the video below to see how they made some of the shots.  Anderson’s best movie so far.  Required Viewing.

Tootsie by Thomas
March 1, 2013, 3:46 am
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Dustin Hoffman is an unemployed actor (with Bill Murray as his roommate! In Manhattan in the 80s!) Sounds like a blast…but bills must be paid, so he turns to cross dressing on a daytime soap and becomes a feminist icon, ironically.  Like RW in Mrs. Doubtfire, he plays an older lady so it can be more believable. I guess men have worse skin than women? At any rate, this is classic comedy.  It’s pretty schmaltzy, but Hoffman is so good that it works well.  Worth checking out.



Groundhog Day by William
February 2, 2013, 2:40 pm
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Bill Murray is a weatherman dispatched to a small town in Pennsylvania who finds himself reliving the same day over and over again. It’s like a hilarious Twilight Zone episode! As a comedy, this movie is top-notch, with lots of memorable lines and a perfect performance by Bill Murray. But this “fantasy” movie is more infused with verisimilitude than most “normal” movies, as Murray portrays a man forced to investigate the meaning of his life. This is another case where the name of the rating has actually happened, so I can justify nothing lower than Required Viewing.

Fantastic Mr. Fox by jaemskeray

This is Roald Dahl’s children’s book Fantastic Mr. Fox adapted to the silver screen by Wes Anderson as a full length stop motion animation.  Every night, Mr. Fox steals food from 3 farmers to feed his family.  Despite the farmer’s best attempts they can never seem to catch him, thus this fox is fantastic.  The animation in this film is cussin’ incredible.  Its the same level of detail that Wes Anderson brings to his other films, except this time he adds puppets and stop motion animation to the madness.  It must have taken forever to make.  Definitely Worth Watching

Ghostbusters by tincolor

Who ya gonna call? Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, that’s who! It’s been a while since I’ve seen the Ghostbusters in action, but man, this movie is great. Genuinely funny and a pretty cool science fiction film as well. Rick Moranis stands out in a minor but very funny role as the guy that lives across the hall from Sigourney Weaver. Worth watching.

Ghostbusters II by Thomas

A group of professional paranormal investigators/eliminators must thwart New York City officials and save the city from ghosts — again. Like the original, this is a winning action-comedy that contains many lines that I had no way of understanding when I watched it religiously as a kid. And that makes it all the more: Worth watching.

Ghostbusters II

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