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Blow Out by tincolor

John Travolta is a sound technician who records the sound of a car crash one night only to discover upon closer inspection of the tape that there’s more to the accident than meets the ear. Another Brian De Palma classic! This really is the quintessential De Palma film; it’s chock-full of the cinematographic tricks and melodramatic style that fans expect. Part The Conversation, part Blow Up, this is easily one of my favorite common-man-vs-the-man thrillers out there. Great performance by John Lithgow as a psychotic hitman. Worth watching.

The poster has a squeezed, black-and-white image of John Travolta screaming, with the tagline below reading "Murder has a sound all of its own".

Obsession by tincolor
August 14, 2012, 2:03 am
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John Lithgow and Cliff Robertson star in this Hitchcock-ian thriller about a man who gets a second chance to prove his love for his dead wife. Typical Brian De Palma in both the best and worst sense. There are all of the neat camera tricks you come to expect as well as the overly melodramatic tone and dispersed look of the picture. For 80 to 90 percent of this movie, there is this insinuation that something sinister is going to happen, but you’ll have to wait it out until the end for anything really significant to happen. A very low watchable.

Phantom of the Paradise by tincolor

It’s Faust, The Phantom of the Opera and The Picture of Dorian Gray all rolled into a rock opera. I haven’t seen Rocky Horror Picture Show, but imagine that these two movies share more than a few similarities. It’s also pretty clear how much of an influence the visual style of this film was on Daft Punk. The music is OK and the story is mildly interesting, but basically just Phantom of the Opera. If you’re a Brian De Palma fan or if you like funky costumes and rooms full of moog synthesizers  this is definitely worth checking out, if you’re just a normal person, then maybe a barely watchable at most.

Carrie by tincolor
May 13, 2012, 2:27 am
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Sissy Spacek is the titular Carrie in this very dated, but not all together terrible Brian De Palma version of the Stephen King novel. I don’t know what audiences who saw this movie when it first came out already knew about the plot, but it seems like for us modern viewers, if you’ve seen the DVD box cover, then you know exactly where the movie is going. The best part of this film is how it handles a cast of character that all have different feelings towards Carrie, there’s more to the plot than just: everyone is an asshole. Watchable.

Carlito’s Way by tincolor
May 4, 2012, 2:57 am
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Al Pacino is out of prison and he’s reformed! But his past, his pride, and this plot just won’t let him walk the straight and narrow. Brian De Palma, you’ve finally done it! You’ve made a movie that isn’t more bad than it is good. There’s still a lot of De Palma’s funky camera angles to be found here and the voice over narration that pops up throughout the movie is pretty bad, but the film’s two major action scenes are some of the most exciting and suspenseful I’ve ever seen. Worth checking out.

Dressed To Kill by tincolor
April 30, 2012, 3:28 pm
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Michael Caine plays psychiatrist to a bunch of mostly naked women who are in the bad habit of getting murdered. This is like a slightly less worse version of Body Double but with a significantly less impressive story and an ending that you’ll see coming a mile away. Brian De Palma is a tough director to nail, his directing style is often quite creative and Dressed to Kill is no exception. Still, I can’t really recommend this film to anyone mainly because it’s just not good. Watchable.

Body Double by tincolor
February 11, 2012, 3:44 am
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Some random actor witnesses a murder but then begins to suspect what he’s seen one day while watching a porno. So much of this movie is barely watchable. It’s cheese beyond belief. But, over all, there’s enough there to make it unique and fleetingly enjoyable. Watchable.

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