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Death Becomes Her by Thomas
November 15, 2013, 9:37 pm
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Meryl Streep is an aging actress who snatches nebbishy plastic surgeon Bruce Willis (an odd casting decision) away from her old high school friend, Goldie Hawn. This parody horror movie tries to poke fun at Hollywood’s fixation with youth and beauty but the result is flat and silly; a fatuous mess.  The filmmakers worked really hard to showcase never-before-seen CG technology, but the story itself suffered. Barely Watchable.


Death Becomes Her

Looper by tincolor
November 18, 2012, 9:04 am
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Young Bruce Willis is Joseph Gordon-Levitt who is an assassin who only kills people from the future, like old Bruce Willis, also, some people are telepathic. I’m perhaps a little to harsh with my description of the plot, because actually this is a very thoughtful and generally enjoyable film. It’s just that the conceit of the film, that BOTH time travel AND telepathy are real things, is a little hard to swallow. It all feels a little too convenient of a plot device. Enjoyable blockbuster that relies more on character development than special effects. Definitely worth checking out.


Looper by Thomas
October 29, 2012, 11:12 pm
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a mob assassin (with distracting, Bruce Willis-y make up) who kills people from the future.  The plot may be goofy, but it’s a sci-fi crowd pleaser! I don’t know what else you would expect. In any case, the fundamentals are in place: tight dialogue, good pace, suspense.  The futuristic details, cyberpunk set design and fun action scenes are just icing for the cake.  I say it’s the most enjoyable time travel movie since Back to the Future II.  Worth checking out.


The Jackal by tincolor
September 16, 2012, 2:31 pm
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Richard Gere is an ex-IRA terrorist set free on a short leash by CIA agent Sidney Poitier in order to catch international assassin Bruce Willis. There are parts of this movie that are definitely entertaining. The first scene for example, and the scene where Bruce Willis blows off Jack Black’s arm. Unfortunately, the rest of the movie is poorly plotted and just not exciting. Watchable.

Die Hard by William
July 20, 2012, 4:24 pm
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Bruce Willis is a New York cop who’s spending Christmas Eve in Los Angeles fighting long-haired terrorists. This movie offers all of the action-packed awesomeness you’ve come to expect from the Die Hard series, even though it’s the first movie in the series. What I found most fun about this movie was the idea that halfway through the film, after we had spent so much time with Bruce Willis and archcriminal Alan Rickman, they still had never seen each other up close. It’s little pieces of the “human element” amid all the violence that make this movie Worth Watching. Also because come on, it’s Die Hard. Don’t you want to know what Die Hard is all about?

Die Hard 2: Die Harder by tincolor
July 19, 2012, 12:06 am
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Bruce Willis is having another shitty Christmas Eve, and it’s up to him to stop the bad guys that are holding an airport and his wife (again?) hostage. Sillier than any of the other Die Hards, but none the less enjoyable. Bruce Willis’ one liners are pretty outrageous too, and the explosion at the end is pretty freaking cool. Watchable


Disney’s The Kid by tincolor

Bruce Willis is a jerk who meets a younger version of himself and learns the valuable lesson that life sucks so you should just learn to deal; Oh yeah, and being rich helps too. If you’re watching this movie out of the corner of your eye, then it will probably be really entertaining, the “kid” is just fun to watch, which is pretty impressive for a 7 year old actor. If you’re watching this movie with a critical eye, you’ll probably be turned off by the shallowness of Bruce Willis’s transformation. Watchable.

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