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This Must Be the Place by tincolor

Sean Penn is an aged rocker who has too much time on his hands; good thing his dad is dying, at least now he’s got a reason to get out of the house. This movie is all over the place, from Irish youngsters dying to get a record deal to a cross country search for Nazi war criminals. Still, I’m not sure if all that unevenness is because the movie is just uneven, or if that’s supposed to some how reflect Sean Penn’s inner self. I’m going out on a limb here and give this a worth watching.


Primal Fear by tincolor
Richard Gere is a lawyer and Edward Norton is a snot nosed kid accused of doing murder. Oh man, here it comes, the twist ending that’s so twisty and turny you probably saw it coming from the start of the film. The motives behind all of these characters make no sense. I can’t believe Edward Norton got an Academy Award nomination for this. Barely watchable.

Burn After Reading by jaemskeray

Ok, yeah, not a bad little film here.  Its definitely not the Coen brothers best film, but thats what everyone says about every film of theirs thats not the Big Lebowski or Fargo.   Yes, nothing was or will ever be as good as the Big Lebowski.  So, lets just drop it, ok?   With a few exceptions (Ladykillers, ugh…) the Coen brothers will never steer you wrong.  Dark comedy, not for the squemish.  Worth Watching

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