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The American by Thomas
July 28, 2014, 6:35 am
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George Clooney plays a lonely assassin who must hide out in the Italian countryside and prepare for one last job.  An homage to Sergio Leone — without the grit or intensity of Leone’s films — the movie feels stylish but hollow. The plot is predictable and the gunfighter character (he even falls for a prostitute with a heart of gold!) is borrowed from better Westerns.  Still, Clooney does a reasonable job of being grim and tortured, and there’s a bumptious old priest who provides much needed comic relief.  Watchable.


The American

Gravity by Thomas
October 25, 2013, 11:55 pm
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Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are astronauts hit by a debris field in earth orbit.  Their fight to survive follows a basic thriller format but it’s also an unparalleled visual feast; the camera isn’t anchored to anything, so you feel like you’re floating right up there with them. I saw this in IMAX 3D and I’m still getting my land legs back! Worth watching.



Fantastic Mr. Fox by jaemskeray

This is Roald Dahl’s children’s book Fantastic Mr. Fox adapted to the silver screen by Wes Anderson as a full length stop motion animation.  Every night, Mr. Fox steals food from 3 farmers to feed his family.  Despite the farmer’s best attempts they can never seem to catch him, thus this fox is fantastic.  The animation in this film is cussin’ incredible.  Its the same level of detail that Wes Anderson brings to his other films, except this time he adds puppets and stop motion animation to the madness.  It must have taken forever to make.  Definitely Worth Watching

Ocean’s Eleven by Thomas
April 25, 2012, 3:09 pm
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George Clooney is a thief/con-man who decides to rob Andy Garcia’s Las Vegas casinos.  He enlists an ensemble of ten other celebrities and character actors to provide the fun.  Slick, retro style and funky music complete the caper — along with plenty of conspicuous Vegas glamour.  I’m sure you have already seen this movie, but, if not, consider it Worth checking out.

Ocean’s Eleven

The Descendants by Thomas
March 18, 2012, 7:24 pm
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George Clooney is a wealthy Hawaiian who must grapple with the awkwardness of family life.  With the exception of a few goofy moments, this movie ignores cinematic genre and just dwells entirely on the human suffering of its characters.  It’s hard to pull off in two hours (which suggests that the novel was probably better) but director Alexander Payne is an old hand at mixing comedy with drama, and Clooney is always a pleasure to watch. Worth checking out.

The Descendants

Burn After Reading by jaemskeray

Ok, yeah, not a bad little film here.  Its definitely not the Coen brothers best film, but thats what everyone says about every film of theirs thats not the Big Lebowski or Fargo.   Yes, nothing was or will ever be as good as the Big Lebowski.  So, lets just drop it, ok?   With a few exceptions (Ladykillers, ugh…) the Coen brothers will never steer you wrong.  Dark comedy, not for the squemish.  Worth Watching

The Descendants by William
February 6, 2012, 4:59 am
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George Clooney is getting old, and if he were married, this is one thing that could happen to him? This movie has some funny parts, and I appreciated that the movie had many unique features rather than following a standard movie formula. At the same time, the lack of a formula caused the movie to feel unfocused at times, and started to drag towards the end. Worth checking out.

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