Pinhole Movie Reviews

Noah by Thomas

Russel Crowe is Noah: titular character, biblical bad ass, strict vegetarian. In this bizarre interpretation of the Genesis story, Noah must solicit the help of rock monsters to build his famous Ark.  His goal apparently is to save the animals but exterminate humanity, including his own grandchildren.  Well, Darren Aronofsky has a penchant for odd, visually impressive movies, so I suppose this met my expectations.  Watchable.



The Rocketeer by tincolor

Wannabe pilot Billy Campbell stumbles upon a rocket that gets him, Alan Arkin and Jennifer Connelly mixed up with the FBI, Nazis and the mob. The top-notch 1930s art deco style and the light-hearted script have a fairytale-like quality. That and the ‘aw-shucks’-ness of the characters is refreshing considering other comic book adaptations since the 2000s. Exciting and well made, what more could you ask for? Worth checking out.

Once Upon a Time in America by tincolor

Robert De Niro, James Woods and a very young Jennifer Connelly star in this epic crime drama about hoodlums in Brooklyn. Sergio Leone’s final film takes place over nearly six decades, and let me tell you, its runtime is nearly as long clocking in at a nearly 4 hours of gangland fun. But the amazing thing is it doesn’t drag. The cinematography, set design and the acting are all top notch, there is no doubt this is a great film, but I’m not sure how recommendable it is. A leisurely paced thinking-man’s film. Worth checking out.

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