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Arrival by jaemskeray
February 26, 2017, 5:14 am
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Lets see, how do I do this again?  … In Arrival, Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner are tasked with communicating with a visiting advanced race of extra terrestrial beings.  The movie stays simple and on point, not tasking itself with any more than exploring this idea.  Cuts of the main character’s daughter meeting animals and insects permeates the film, drawing to mind a reference I once heard made about how what we would call an alien abduction is similar to a fish getting caught and then thrown back, albeit from the fish’s perspective.  The special effects are artsy; its not a big explosiony, blockbustery, dumb down the script for mass appeal, sci-fi movie.  Theres a major M. Night Shamalamadingdong twist at the end thats pretty cool, and, not to brag or nothing but I figured it out way before the others I was watching with, ergo I smarter.  I’d say its worth checking out.



American Hustle by jaemskeray

Small time con man, Christian Bale, meets Amy Adams, falls in love, and they start conning together.  They unwillingly embark on the biggest con of their careers with Bradly Cooper.  This is the one that changes everything, the big score, the game changer, and, guess what… it… DOES.  I don’t want to give to much away because the movie is really pretty great.  But by the end, no one is the same.  It’s a bit of a slow burn at the beginning/middle, but the end makes up for it.  Everyone is great in this, just fantastic sympathetic acting, You really feel for Christian Bale, but I though J-Law and B-Coops had some of the best moments.  Worth watching


Bourne Legacy by tincolor

Jeremy Renner is Jason Bour… oh wait, no he’s a lot like Jason Bourne, and he was part of the super secret spy program Blackbriar that Bourne was also part of, and Joan Allen is in there too, and the general tone of the film is pretty similar to the first three Bourne movies, but honestly, this is by far the most forgettable film in the series so far. Partially because we are never really given a reason to sympathize with Jeremy Renner, but also because the plot takes a back seat to incomprehensible spy jargon and fast and furious camera work (I know something cool is happening during these scenes, if only the cameraman would stop moving for a second so I could see what it was!). Watchable.

The Bourne Legacy Poster.jpg

S.W.A.T. by tincolor

Colin Ferrell, Sam Jackson, Michelle Rodriguez, LL Cool J are SWAT team members, and this time their special assignment is to transport an international criminal who has offered 10 bajillion dollars to anyone (Jeremy Renner) who will help free him. Generic action film with nothing new to offer. Not terribly bad, but definitely terribly mediocre. Watchable.

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