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Don Jon by jaemskeray
January 19, 2014, 6:30 am
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Don Jon is rare and bold look at modern day porn culture and internet porn addiction.  Written, directed by, and starring Joseph Gordon Levitt, this post-modern movie gladly and willingly fails the Bechdel test to prove a point.  “How can a reprehensible character like Don Jon exist?”, reviewers who missed the point or don’t know what an allegory is ask.  Well, he does exist, we see him on MTV’s Jersey Shore and other reality tv shows.  He’s everywhere, I even see parts of him in myself.  It makes sense that he is everywhere, every day we are literally surrounded by porn images in ads, tv, the internet, music (what do yo think Miley Cyrus is referencing?).  This movie begs the question what’s the world going look like in 20 years when my generation, a generation raised on internet porn, a generation whose biggest icon made millions by creating the creepy stalker website Facebook, whats gonna happen when my generation is put in charge?  How are we gonna make the right decisions when we can barely grow up right?  But, perhaps I’m overreacting, perhaps this is just a movie about a shallow douche bag from Jersey.  Required Viewing.

Premium Rush by tincolor

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a bike messenger that likes to “Ride like hell” through the streets of NY, and he’s not going to let any sketchy cops keep him from delivering his package, bra! Like Kevin Bacon’s Quicksilver, the basic premise of this movie is: bicycle vs car, which is a ridiculous premise for sure, but one that when executed with enough tongue-in-cheek humor, makes for a pretty entertaining movie. It’s hard to recommend this movie too much though, because it’s pretty forgettable despite some cool bike racing scenes. Watchable plus.

Premium rush film.jpg

G.I. Joe : Rise of the Cobra by tincolor

Hot “it” actors like Channing Tatum and Sienna Miller are caught up in an international battle between good and evil, Hasbro style. Basically, the G.I. Joe are international policemen who are out to stop an international band of criminals that include betrayed family members and jilted girlfriends. There’s a lot of hate going around for this movie, and while it’s got its faults, I have to say, the first G.I. Joe movie is actually watchable. It’s biggest flaw was not going far enough with a goofy, over-the-top style. In the end, it felt just a little too, “gritty” for its own good. Watchable. 

In the center of the image are the titles and credits. Above them, in front of a brown background with orange flames and "Evil never looked so good" in red letters, a man in a hooded white suit holding a sword, a woman wearing sunglasses and a leather suit holding two guns, a masked man in battle fatigues holding a rifle, and a scarred man wearing a mask that covers his face below the eye. Below, against a blue background and blue flames, with "When all else fails, they don't" in blue letters, a man in a black bodysuit with a visor in his face holding a sword, and two men and women in leather suits holding guns.

Looper by tincolor
November 18, 2012, 9:04 am
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Young Bruce Willis is Joseph Gordon-Levitt who is an assassin who only kills people from the future, like old Bruce Willis, also, some people are telepathic. I’m perhaps a little to harsh with my description of the plot, because actually this is a very thoughtful and generally enjoyable film. It’s just that the conceit of the film, that BOTH time travel AND telepathy are real things, is a little hard to swallow. It all feels a little too convenient of a plot device. Enjoyable blockbuster that relies more on character development than special effects. Definitely worth checking out.


Looper by Thomas
October 29, 2012, 11:12 pm
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a mob assassin (with distracting, Bruce Willis-y make up) who kills people from the future.  The plot may be goofy, but it’s a sci-fi crowd pleaser! I don’t know what else you would expect. In any case, the fundamentals are in place: tight dialogue, good pace, suspense.  The futuristic details, cyberpunk set design and fun action scenes are just icing for the cake.  I say it’s the most enjoyable time travel movie since Back to the Future II.  Worth checking out.


The Dark Knight Rises by tincolor

Christian Bale puts on his cape and mask one last time and teams up with cat burglar Anne Hathaway in a last ditch effort to stop madman Tom Hardy from destroying Gotham City. At this point in time it feels like no one needs or wants a recommendation for this film, so, I write to a younger generation, a generation that will grow up watching this long, generally boring and one-note action flick on DVD or whatever. Christopher Nolan seems incapable of creating any sense of suspense or expectation in his films. Watching DNR is like barreling down a steep mountain road in a Lamborghini that has had its breaks cut and its accelerator taped down to the floor.  You can’t really hear anything because the sound of the engine is deafening, and so much is zipping by you so quickly that can’t focus on anything that isn’t life or death important. Still at least you’re in a Lamborghini. Watchable.

10 Things I Hate About You by William
I’m on a roll with these movies. This one was an instant classic, and as such, it holds up well. Funny script, nice performance by Heath Ledger, and it’s got that poem that makes everyone cry at the end.


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