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U Turn by tincolor

Sean Penn is on his way to California to deliver a belated loan payment. But on the way his car breaks down in a small town in Arizona, inhabited by famous actors, each in various degrees of trouble, each preventing Sean Penn’s from getting on his way. Even though some of the characters are incredibly annoying, and the unjustness of Sean Penn’s situation drove me crazy, I didn’t hate the film for some reason, I guess I kinda liked it, actually.Watchable.

Born on the Fourth of July by William
January 29, 2012, 8:47 pm
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Excellent. I’m not really one for war movies, but the warring in this movie is a relatively small part of it. Many intense and sad scenes but it feels real, not melodramatic. Willem Defoe is also very good in a small role. Worth watching.

 Born on the Fourth of July (film) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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