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The Place Beyond the Pines by tincolor

Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes, Bradley Cooper and Ray Liotta star in a film about how the choices of individuals can compound upon one another and reverberate into the future beyond the limits of our imagination. Divided in three chapters, this film starts off with the story of Ryan Gosling, a “Rebel Without A Cause” type bad-boy from out of town who rides his motorcycle in a traveling carnival. When he finds out that a tryst with Eva Mendes resulted in the birth of their son, he decides to stick around, never quite figuring out how to fit in.  As a kind of morality play, it makes sense that the story takes us forward in time so we can see the effect of the choices made in chapter one. But the truth is, the first chapter is way more interesting than the second and third, and I left the theatre wishing that chapter two had picked up during and earlier moment in time, perhaps showing how Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes first met. Either way, fantastic film with one of my favorite action sequences ever. Worth watching.


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