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The Godfather Part II by Thomas
March 4, 2013, 2:18 am
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The Corleone saga continues: Al Pacino, who ascended to the top of the family crime syndicate in the first movie, now broods and expands his power obsessively.  At the same time we get some turn of the century flashbacks with Robert DeNiro as a young version of Pacino’s father, if that makes sense. Meh. Instead of just re-playing the first one, this sequel tries to renovate it, filling the “gaps” with further material, much of which is unnecessary.  Luckily, it does echo the first one often enough that you still feel like you’re watching a good movie.  If you see the first one (which you’re *required* to) and you enjoy it, then hell, you might as well commit another three hours to this one. Worth checking out.


The Godfather Part II

Cape Fear (1991) by tincolor

After 14 years in prison, Robert De Niro is free and has a bone to pick with his defense lawyer Nick Nolte. This movie is so excellent in so many ways it’s hard to know where to start. But at the same time, it really limits its broader appeal by adhering so strictly to a neo-noir style. Brian de Palma fans amass! This is the stuff you crave! Worth watching if you like noir films, a low worth checking out for everyone else.


Once Upon a Time in America by tincolor

Robert De Niro, James Woods and a very young Jennifer Connelly star in this epic crime drama about hoodlums in Brooklyn. Sergio Leone’s final film takes place over nearly six decades, and let me tell you, its runtime is nearly as long clocking in at a nearly 4 hours of gangland fun. But the amazing thing is it doesn’t drag. The cinematography, set design and the acting are all top notch, there is no doubt this is a great film, but I’m not sure how recommendable it is. A leisurely paced thinking-man’s film. Worth checking out.

Hide and Seek by tincolor

Robert De Niro is a recent widower and father to Dakota Fanning, a creepy girl who is being terrorized by…. duh duh DUH! … I won’t ruin the twist. Mediocre, boring, unsatisfying. These are the words that come to mind when I think about this film. Barely watchable.

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