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Milk by William
March 28, 2013, 12:50 am
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Sean Penn is a gay dude who gets elected to public office in San Francisco. The movie tells an important story about the difficulties gay people have had receiving respect in the United States. It is also a pretty boring movie. Watchable.

U Turn by tincolor

Sean Penn is on his way to California to deliver a belated loan payment. But on the way his car breaks down in a small town in Arizona, inhabited by famous actors, each in various degrees of trouble, each preventing Sean Penn’s from getting on his way. Even though some of the characters are incredibly annoying, and the unjustness of Sean Penn’s situation drove me crazy, I didn’t hate the film for some reason, I guess I kinda liked it, actually.Watchable.

This Must Be the Place by tincolor

Sean Penn is an aged rocker who has too much time on his hands; good thing his dad is dying, at least now he’s got a reason to get out of the house. This movie is all over the place, from Irish youngsters dying to get a record deal to a cross country search for Nazi war criminals. Still, I’m not sure if all that unevenness is because the movie is just uneven, or if that’s supposed to some how reflect Sean Penn’s inner self. I’m going out on a limb here and give this a worth watching.

The Interpreter by tincolor

Nicole Kidman is an interpreter at the UN who overhears a plot to kill a visiting dignitary and Sean Penn is the CIA agent who is there to stop it from happening. As mystery/thrillers go, this movie does so many things right! There are plenty of tense scenes, a great Hitchcock-like setup where Sean Penn is watching over Nicole Kidman from a different building through binoculars, and a mostly solid commitment to showing things exclusively from Kidman and Penn’s perspective. Unfortunately, there are just some weird choices made, like randomly showing you the killer half-way through the movie right when you are wondering who it could possible be… and then this whole silly sequence at the end where way too many loose ends are tied up in about 30 seconds. Still, if you like thrillers, this is a solid worth checking out.

Into the Wild by jaemskeray
February 14, 2012, 6:04 am
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Some stupid rich kid rejects his cushy upper class ways and tries roughing it in the wild for a while until he dies.  Sorry I gave away the ending, but it was based on a true story, so its not my fault in some way.  The film was great, director Sean Penn did a great job at creating a movie that made you care for a main character that was unlikeable.  Worth Checking Out

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