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Snowpiercer by tincolor

One of the few perks of living in Japan when it comes to movies, we get the weird ones first. “Only Lovers Left Alive,” “This Must Be The Place,” and now “Snowpiercer.” Chris Evans, John Hurt, Song Kang-ho, Tilda Swinton and Ed Harris all live on a retro-futuristic train that speeds around a frozen, lifeless Earth. The poor people live at the back and the rich people live at the front and they’re about to do battle! There is so much I hated about this movie in general, but it was the poorly executed details that really got my blood boiling. There are scenes where the camera is just being shaken for no apparent reason, there are scenes were lines have been cut off mid sentence with no regard for English grammar, there are scenes that are so poorly acted it feels like maybe someone got the footage mixed up. You may have heard there was some controversy around the Weinstein brothers trying to re-edit the film. Trust me, if you manage to sit through this film, you’ll wish the Weinstein brothers had gotten their way. Barely, just barely watchable.


Only Lovers Left Alive by jaemskeray

Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston are married vampires, having been alive and married for a very long time, the movie meets their story in the modern day.  Our protagonists’s main problem is that humans have contaminated their own blood, so vampires, most of whom have died off, must go to extreme measures to get the blood purified.  Because they cannot age, the characters are stuck in a certain emotional state forever: Adam, the manpire, sulks and is a social recluse, and Eve, the girlpire, has a glass-half-full outlook on life (and that glass is full of blood!!!!).  Its a very romantic relationship they have, their personalities are two sides of the same coin.  The story moves intentionally slow at first, reflecting their long and meandering existence.  But despite the film’s circuitous nature, I highly enjoyed it.  As I watched, I felt a sense that this vampire movie is kinda different than others in its romanticism.  Worth Watching.

The Grand Budapest Hotel by jaemskeray

Set in a fantastical and dark pre WW2 Europe, this farcical murder mystery is about a hotel concierge, played by Ralph Fiennes, who is accused of murdering his anciently old lover.  The story is told from the perspective of the hotel’s lobby boy, whom Ralph takes a shinning to, and who is along for the whole crazy ride.  It was a bit of a slow burn at the beginning setting everything up, but once it got going, oh man was it amazing.  Visually, its the most beautiful movie I have ever seen, watch the video below to see how they made some of the shots.  Anderson’s best movie so far.  Required Viewing.

We Need to Talk About Kevin by tincolor

Tilda Swinton is Mom to Ezra Miller who did something bad, which may have been because of the way Tilda brought him up, but it might also just be because he’s messed up independently. If you go into this movie not knowing anything about it, like what Ezra did that has his mom so upset, then you’ll probably get a lot out of the “mystery/thriller” style in which the plot is slowly revealed. If you already know, then I imagine you’ll spend a lot of time thinking just how culpable Tilda is in his son’s crime. Either way, it will probably appeal to a viewer that is in the mood to think. Worth checking out.

The Deep End by tincolor

When her son gets inadvertently mixed up with some criminals, Tilda Swinton proves that she’s willing to go to any length to protect her family. Just like Swinton’s character, The Deep End gets straight to the point, never straying from the details that matter, which makes film feel like a morality tale. Unfortunately, The Deep End  stumbles with clumsily written dialogue, occasionally forcing its actors to recite lines that sound artificial. Worth checking out.

Burn After Reading by jaemskeray

Ok, yeah, not a bad little film here.  Its definitely not the Coen brothers best film, but thats what everyone says about every film of theirs thats not the Big Lebowski or Fargo.   Yes, nothing was or will ever be as good as the Big Lebowski.  So, lets just drop it, ok?   With a few exceptions (Ladykillers, ugh…) the Coen brothers will never steer you wrong.  Dark comedy, not for the squemish.  Worth Watching

I am Love / Io sono l’amore by tincolor
January 9, 2012, 2:54 pm
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Tilda Swinton learns to love, Italian style!  Do you think that characters who value love over duty are interesting? Do you like non-traditional narratives? If you answered yes to both of these questions, this movie is worth watching. If you answered no, this movie is barely watchable.

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