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Don Jon by jaemskeray
January 19, 2014, 6:30 am
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Don Jon is rare and bold look at modern day porn culture and internet porn addiction.  Written, directed by, and starring Joseph Gordon Levitt, this post-modern movie gladly and willingly fails the Bechdel test to prove a point.  “How can a reprehensible character like Don Jon exist?”, reviewers who missed the point or don’t know what an allegory is ask.  Well, he does exist, we see him on MTV’s Jersey Shore and other reality tv shows.  He’s everywhere, I even see parts of him in myself.  It makes sense that he is everywhere, every day we are literally surrounded by porn images in ads, tv, the internet, music (what do yo think Miley Cyrus is referencing?).  This movie begs the question what’s the world going look like in 20 years when my generation, a generation raised on internet porn, a generation whose biggest icon made millions by creating the creepy stalker website Facebook, whats gonna happen when my generation is put in charge?  How are we gonna make the right decisions when we can barely grow up right?  But, perhaps I’m overreacting, perhaps this is just a movie about a shallow douche bag from Jersey.  Required Viewing.

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