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Unbroken by William
September 14, 2015, 8:50 pm
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Dude gets captured by the Japanese in WWII. Conditions in Japanese POW camps during WWII are not very good. At 140 minutes, this movie is rather long, and a lot of stuff happens. Some of the stuff is even interesting! But it’s not really tied together in any significant way, and nobody makes much of an effort to analyze what is going on. I mean, in a way that’s just life in a prisoner of war camp. You’re not there because of any crime you need to reflect on and learn from, you’re not going to be able to escape or do much of anything heroic, so mostly you just sit around unhappily waiting for the war to end. Watchable.

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Saving Private Ryan by William
February 19, 2015, 9:18 pm
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After Matt Damon’s three brothers die in combat, Tom Hanks and his men go find him in order to spare his mother the pain of losing all her sons to the Second World War. I guess pretty much every war movie is an anti-war movie, and this one is, too. War is terrible; people kill people and then get killed themselves. People who don’t deserve to die, die anyway. Spielberg’s movie brings the tragedy of World War II to life by first humanizing the soldiers, and then going ahead and killing them. Worth Watching.

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A Very Long Engagement by William
August 24, 2013, 5:37 pm
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Audrey Tautou’s fiancé forms part of a group of condemned French soldiers sent out of the trenches of WWI to be killed by the Germans. Even so, Miss Tautou remains convinced he is not quite so dead as such a story would imply and sets about investigating the event and the men who made up this unfortunate group. Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s movies (e.g. Amelie)  are characterized by their careful craftsmanship and sometimes dark playfulness, and that style is fully on display here. The first sequence of this movie, presenting each of the condemned men, is particularly well-done and a compelling introduction to the story. This film nearly merits being made compulsory, but it’s a touch too idiosyncratic and drawn-out to be right for all audiences. Still a high Worth Watching.

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Windtalkers by tincolor

Nicolas Cage is charged with protecting Navajo code talker Adam Beach during the WWII assault on Saipan. Complete with an epilogue explaining how important the events of the film were to real life, this is everything you’ve come to expect from serious war films. Characters mope, repeat things at the end of the film that they said at the beginning of the film and yell a lot about duty. The acting is awful across the board, just bottom-of-the-barrel, chewing-on-the-scenery awful. The action is actually pretty exciting, but there’s nothing particularly realistic about anything you’ll see. Watchable, but only for the action scenes.

The Great Escape by tincolor
March 1, 2012, 7:49 am
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All your favorite actors from the 60s like Steve McQueen and James Garner get themselves captured by the nazis. I remember really liking this movie when I was a kid. I guess because the idea of soldiers sneaking around and secretly building a tunnel just seemed so cool to me, I wanted to do that! But watching it again, I’m distracted by how all the characters are so hateful. Only the Kommandant shows any trace of honor and humanity. Watchable.

Born on the Fourth of July by William
January 29, 2012, 8:47 pm
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Excellent. I’m not really one for war movies, but the warring in this movie is a relatively small part of it. Many intense and sad scenes but it feels real, not melodramatic. Willem Defoe is also very good in a small role. Worth watching.

 Born on the Fourth of July (film) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

We Were Soldiers by William
December 21, 2011, 8:27 pm
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Standard Vietnam story in that the main idea is how pointless war is. That said, it does a pretty good job of showing how pointless war is. An enjoyable film, though intense and tragic. Worth checking out.

 We Were Soldiers – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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