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Burn After Reading by William
July 19, 2014, 4:17 pm
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CIA analyst John Malkovich’s classified files are discovered by dim-witted fitness studio employees Brad Pitt and Frances McDormand, who soon hatch a plan to profit from their find. Then everything probably goes wrong, but I wouldn’t know because I stopped watching the movie.

You know what? I’ve decided it is okay to not like this kind of movie. I didn’t like Fargo, and I didn’t like the 40 minutes I watched of Burn After Reading, either. The Coen brothers specialize in making black comedies in which people are horrible to each other and plans go awry. I don’t like it. It upsets me and makes me nervous. Unwatchable. But hey, if you liked Fargo, go ahead and watch this movie. I won’t stop you.

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I’ll probably give it a miss. Talking of the Coen brothers, ‘No Country for Old Men’ was a great movie in my opinion. What did you think of it?

Comment by guyportman

I really enjoyed “No Country for Old Men.” It’s an unfortunate fact, since I’d really prefer to write off the Coen brothers completely. On most occasions where I’ve watched their films, I soon wish I hadn’t. But hopes of another great movie like “The Big Lebowski” or “No Country for Old Men” keep me coming back.

Comment by William

I agree with you about this movie. It was just so dark and so…hateful towards its characters.

Comment by tincolor

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